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Many people don't understand that professional negotiators use their skills to gain an advantage in business and personal relationships ... maybe you too are one of them. Isn't it about time you understand how to become aware of these tactics and how to counter these tactics to produce a massive advantage for you. By learning these simple tactics you gain an edge over your competition and improve your personal relationships.

What You'll Discover in this Free Video Course:


Body Language Seminar - U.S.A.

Learn how read the other person's body language and what it conveys in the actual negotiating process.


Why Americans Are Bad Negotiators.

Unlike their President Donald Trump, most Americans aren't on top of the game in getting what they want.


Why Russians Are Good Negotiators.

Russian negotiating style is the subject of scrutiny for foreign businessmen, learn why they are effective.


Why Being Patient Works So Well.

Another Best Negotiating Practice that comes into play is your use of time and exercise of patience.

What Others Are Saying:


Ralph Posadas Entrepreneur

"Dr. Hendon's seminars have made me aware of how other people use negotiating tactics against me to get closer to what they want"

Jane Belcher Web Designer

"Learning the simple tactics taught in these seminars helped me to get more clients and able to better manage their time demands"

Peter McDougal Financial Services

"People who are wealthy project a different body language. Learning body language from these videos helps me time my pitch" 

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