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Trump’s Deal-Making Comes Up 489 Tactics Short Against My Book  You’ve heard of Donald Trump’s book, The Art of the Deal.

Trump’s Deal-MakingComes Up 489 Tactics Short Against My Book  You’ve heard of DonaldTrump’s book, The Art of the Deal.  But Trump didn’t writeit.  In 1985, the publisher hired Tony Schwartz, a reporter for the NewYork Post, to write it.  Schwartz followed Trump around for a fewweeks, took notes, and eventually wrote the book.  Trump looked it overone night and approved it.  That book listed 11 deal-making tactics thatThe Haircut used the most, and it came out way back in 1988, 30 yearsago.  Ancient history. Here’s a much betterbook.  It has 500 deal-making tactics.  I wrote it, and it came outin 2017.  It’s called The Art of the Deal:  Bigger and Better ThanTrump’s.  Checkit out on Amazon. Here’s what people aresaying about my bigger-and-better book: I think Donald Hendon isa much better deal-maker than Trump.  Hendon’s book iscomprehensive.  Trump’s book is superficial.  —Wes Winsor, attorney Donald Hendon’s TheArt of the Deal book out-trumps Donald Trump’s The Art of the Dealbook the same way that a university education out-trumps a three-hourseminar.  —Barry Maher, author of Filling the Glass:  TheSkeptic’s Guide to Positive Thinking in Business  Donald Hendon tells usthat “thinking small is actually thinking big,” and then delivers 500 big ideasfor brilliant deal-making.  There’s nothing “small” about the resultsyou’ll get from his advice—and your deal-making results will prove it. —Harvey Mackay, author of best-selling book, Swim with the Sharks  A major benefit is learningwhat counter-measures work best when you’re dealing with both experienced andbeginning deal-makers.  —Tony Cantu, entrepreneur  What you’ve just read isthe beginning of my brand-new blog.  Bookmark it.  You’ll get themost up-to-date ideas on making deals and negotiating.  Who knows—theideas you get might make you a millionaire like Donald Trump and me.  Howdid I become a millionaire? By using my 500 tactics to negotiate my owndeals.  I’ve shared my ideas by giving seminars in 38 nations on sixcontinents and trained thousands of executives in all kinds oforganizations.  They pay big bucks to attend my presentations.  Andnow I’m going to share my money-making ideas with you. Read my twice-a-week blogregularly.  It will open your eyes to exciting new ideas and will fillyour pockets with lots of money.

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