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URL 8: Big Bad John Ettlinger’s Letter to UNLV’s Lynn Dryer Dated June 9, 1971

URL 8: Big Bad John Ettlinger’s Letter to UNLV’s Lynn Dryer Dated June 9, 1971 (In Chapter 12, page 59. 328 words. Cum 2,472 words)

June 9, 1971

Dear Mr. Dryer:

Regrettably, your letter of April 28 was delayed in reaching me and crossed with Professor Hendon’s letter dated April 29 castigating Channel 13. (Footnote 1)

The color camera equipment which is about to be donated to a worthy recipient happens to be my personal property under the corporate entity Vegas Video Independent Productions Inc. This consists of three color cameras in our remote van.

Regrettably, although Channel 13 has also replaced its three color cameras, the station is in no financial position to donate this equipment this year due to the fact that Channel 13 has a tax loss carry-forward of $440,000 since 1968, and therefore, cannot benefit therefrom until we are able to enter into a profit position. I use the editorial “we” as I am also the largest single shareholder in Channel 13 of Las Vegas, Inc. You will recall that we, the stockholders of Channel 13, took this station from the bankruptcy Court and have built it into a respectable broadcast property, which has cost all of us personally.

Needless to say, we have been besieged with requests from universities and colleges for this equipment but, in light of the attitude of Professor Hendon, who, without consulting with any television station in Las Vegas, submitted his undocumented study directly to the Federal Communications Commission, as well as to every major advertiser in Las Vegas, I feel that my equipment, which has nothing to do with the license of Channel 13, can be best used elsewhere.

The unmitigated gall of Professor Hendon to conduct a one-man survey without consultation with any one of his peers, much less his Dean, leads me to have serious, grave doubts about the administration of the University of Nevada.

I will hold this matter in abeyance until I have heard from someone on the Board of Regents advising what action has been taken to correct what I consider to be a ludicrous situation, especially in view of the revised income tax donation laws.

Footnote 1: Ettinger was probably referring to my May 3 letter to Vegas advertisers, most of which were mailed on April 30. A few may have been mailed on April 29, however.

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