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URL 7: My Letter to Fast Freddy Vance Dated May 12, 1971

URL 7: My Letter to Fast Freddy Vance Dated May 12, 1971 (In Chapter 9, page 48) (276 words) (cum 2,144 words)

In my study (April 1971) of the attitudes of the buying and viewing public of the Las Vegas metro area toward local and regional spot announcements on Channels 3, 8, and 13, I said I thought all three stations were equally at fault in overselling local and regional spots which cut into the entertainment portion of the network feed. (86 percent of residents of the Las Vegas metro area agreed with this, 47 percent blamed advertisers, and 57 percent blamed the three stations, with a few blaming both.)

Channel 13 received its network feed from the East Coast, records it on their tape machines, and plays it back three hours later. Because of this, even though they may oversell their local spots, which I still think they do, they really do not cut into the entertainment portions. The Hawaiian stations have followed this practice for years.

However, during live sports events, Channel 13 has followed this practice consistently during the 1970 college football season. I always seemed to be returned to the plays during the middle of an announcer’s sentence, indicating that Channel 13 was cutting into the entertainment portion.

Fred Vance admitted to me on May 7, 1971, that it happened once during the NBA Basketball Playoffs within the last month or so. I don’t think it’s as annoying for a viewer to watch a scheduled 10:00 show on Channel 13 which starts at 10:05 or so because of the extra commercials, as it is to miss part of the dialogue on the other two network stations. However, Channel 13’s practice is still irritating to at least me, and I feel that it should stop.

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