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URL 6: My Accomplishments at UNLV

URL 6: My Accomplishments at UNLV (In Chapter 8, page 41) (436 words. Cum 1,868 words)

  • I spent a lot of time on the UNLV Library Committee, and I had designed and ordered a basic Marketing collection for the Library, since the Marketing collection was quite poor when I arrived.
  • I helped John Lowry develop the new Marketing major, and I was busy revising our syllabi for our different Marketing courses. I had developed two brand new courses, Consumer Behavior and Advertising and Promotion.
  • On top of that, I took my students on several field trips, and I had I helped UNLV’s Institute of Management Research on their gravity model for the Las Vegas Convention Authority.
  • I helped the Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity in its fund-raising project, selling Student Discount cards.
  • I had developed a typing service which I turned over to UNLV’s Student Government for their commercial operation.
  • I served on 10 student-faculty advisory committees and chaired one.
  • I helped co-ordinate Broadway Mall’s Career Day twice.
  • I commented on the State of Nevada’s Highway Beautification Ordinance.
  • I was a member of Alpha Delta Sigma (the professional advertising fraternity), the American Association of University Professors, and the American Marketing Association.
  • I wrote an article for the Las Vegas Sun newspaper on returnable soft-drink containers and the proposed “ecology” tax on non-returnable containers.

…plus, in the consulting area, I did

  • A shopping center location study for the Bills-Turegun Company
  • A buying pattern study for the City of North Las Vegas
  • And several projects for McDonald’s Restaurants, Gilbert Youth Research, the Las Vegas Sun, and Daniel Yankelovich Inc.

,,,plus these miscellaneous activities:

  • I gave free advice to CMI Research, Creda-Tec of Nevada, Educorp, Latin Enterprises, Kmart, Kelley and Reber Advertising, and Dr. Russell Miller
  • I appeared on educational TV twice—once appealing for funds in the station’s annual fund drive, and once to discuss UNLV’s new Marketing major
  • I advised the Nevada Consumer League, a member of the Nevada State Assembly, and the City Attorney’s office on matters of consumer affairs
  • I testified on the “ecology ax” before City and County Commissioners
  • I investigated the feasibility of an educational TV program, “The Nevada Business Review,” using UNLV professors
  • I attempted to interest the Southern Nevada Industrial Foundation and Southwest Gas Corporation in funding research projects on a continuing basis at UNLV
  • I was a member of the Clark County Statistical Ingredients Committee
  • I gave three talks—“Broadcasting Ethics” before the Nevada Broadcasters Association meeting, “Retailing Pricing Practices in Low-Income Areas” before the Nevada Association of Latin Americans, and “How to Become a Successful Retail Clerk” before a group of minority group teenagers in a seminar sponsored by the North Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce

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