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URL 4: The Complete Questionnaire

URL 4: The Complete Questionnaire (In Chapter 6, page 33. 351 words. Cum 949 words)

1. How often do you watch TV each day?

  1. Less than one hour per day
  2. 1-3 hours per day
  3. More than 3 hours per day

2. Do you like a particular station better than you like others? (Yes or no)

3. If yes, which station do you like the best and why?

4. Do you feel that you are loyal to a particular program?

(a) Always

(b) Almost always

(c) Seldom

(d) Never

5. During the November 1970 elections, did you feel that local politicians were imposing on your TV viewing time? (Yes or no)

6. What feelings did you have about politicians whose TV ads ran into scheduled show times?

(a) Ill will—much, moderate, slight

(b) Good will—much, moderate, slight

(c) No feelings

7. Do you think that TV stations here in Las Vegas cut out parts of TV shows to put in extra commercials? (Yes or no)

(If the person answered “No” to question 7, or if they had no opinion, the interview was over. If the answer to question 7 was “Yes,” questions 8-15 were also asked.

8. Which station does this the most?

9. Which station does this the second most?

10. Do you feel that these excess commercials come from national networks or local stations?

11. Do you feel that this cutting in on show times for extra commercials is somebody’s fault?

12. Whose fault is it? (Advertiser—always, mostly, seldom. Station—always, mostly, seldom. Both advertiser and station. Somebody else—please state who.)

13. If a station cuts in on show times to put in extra commercials, what is your opinion of that station? (Ill will—much, moderate, slight. Goodwill—much, moderate, slight. No feeling)

14. If a station cuts in on show times to put in extra commercials, what is your opinion of the advertiser whose commercials cut in on show times? (Ill will—much, moderate, slight. Good will—much, moderate, slight. No feeling.)

15. Have you ever turned off a show or switched to another TV channel because extra commercials were broadcast during show time? (Yes or no)

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