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URL 38: 100 More Whistleblowers (In Chapter 50, page 239) (721 words) (44,151 cum words)

100 More Whistleblowers

Australia (4)

  • Toni Hoffman (2005—Queensland Government)
  • Lesley Killen (1985-1999, Powerhouse Museum)
  • Alan Parkinson (1997—Australian Government)
  • Guy Pearse (2000s—Australian Industry Greenhouse Network

Austria (1)

  • Hans-Peter Martin (2004—European Parliament)

Belarus (1)

  • Alexander Barazenka

Bosnia-Herzegovina (1)

  • Kathryn Bolkovac (2002—Dyn Corporation) (Footnote 1)

Canada (5)

  • Shiv Chopra (1998—Canadian Government)
  • Allan Cutler (1996—Canadian Government)
  • Duncan Edmonds (1984—Canadian Government)
  • Nancy Olivieri (1996-1998—Apotex Drug Company)
  • Diane Urquhart (2003—Canadian Government)

France (3)

  • Henri Pezerat (1973-1997—French National Centre for Scientific Research)
  • Andre Cicolella (1994—French Institute for Research and Security)
  • Marco Pautasso (2006—World Intellectual Property Organization

Germany (1)

  • Rainer Moorman (1976—Forschungszentrum Julich)

India (1)

  • M. N. Vijayakumar (2011—Indian Administrative Service)

Israel (1)

  • Anat Kamm (2008—Israel’s Defense Force

Malaysia (2)

  • Vijay Pandhare (2012—Irrigation Department, Government of Malaysia)
  • Clare Rewcastle-Brown (2010—Malaysia’s Sarawak Report)

New Zealand (1)

  • Hayley Bryan (2011—Datasouth Computer System Company)

Netherlands (1)

  • Paul van Buitenen (1998—European Commission)

Nigeria (1)

  • Laurence do Rego (female) (2013)

Philippines (1)

  • Sandra Cam (2004—Philippines Government)

Poland (1)

  • Jan Karski (1942—Polish Home Army)

Portugal (1)

  • Maria do Rosario Veiga, Ph.D. (2005—World Meteorological Organization)

Russia (2)

  • Youri Bandazhevsky (1999—Russia’s Chernobyl nuclear plant)
  • Vladimir Bukovsky (1971—USSR Government)

Sri Lanka (1)

  • Carolyn Hunt-Matthes (2003—UN Human Rights Council) (Footnote 2)

Sweden (2)

  • Ingvar Bratt (1984—Bofors)
  • Dr. Peter Rost (2004—Pfizer Drug)

Switzerland (5)

  • Pascal Diethelm and Jean-Charles Rielle (2001—Philip Morris USA and University of Geneva, Switzerland)
  • Herve Falciani (2009—HSBC Private Bank)
  • Marc Hodler (1998—International Olympic Committee)
  • Christoph Meili (1997—UBS Bank)

United Kingdom (11)

  • Maria Andreasen (2002—European Commission / OECD)
  • Andrew Maguire (2010—Commodities trading in UK)
  • Cathy Massiter (1985—MI5, the UK intelligence agency)
  • Paul Moore (2005—UK bank Halifax Bank of Scotland)
  • Craig Murray (2004—UK’s ambassador to Uzbekistan
  • Keith Osmund-Smith (2016—Street pastor in Telford)
  • Clive Ponting (1984—UK Ministry of Defence)
  • David Shayler and Annie Machon (1997—MI5, the UK intelligence agency)
  • Harry Templeton (1988—UK’s Mirror Newspaper Group
  • Peter Wright (1988—MI5, the UK Intelligence agency)

United States (54)

  • Dale Bridenbaugh (1976—General Electric)
  • Gerald “Jerry” Brown (2004—Nuclear power plants in US and Canada)
  • Brandon Bryant (US Air Force)
  • Smedley Butler (1933—US Marine Corps)
  • John Crane (2013—Inspector General’s Office, US Department of Defense)
  • Anthony D’Aramiento (2007—US Coast Guard)
  • Scott Davis (2014—US Department of Veterans Affairs)
  • Michael DeKort (2006—US Department of Homeland Security)
  • Renee Dufault (2005—US Food and Drug Administration)
  • Perry Fellwock (1971—US National Security Agency)
  • Sgt. Frank “Greg” Ford (2003—US Army)
  • Lawrence Franklin (2005—US Department of Defense)
  • Ronald Goldstein (1985—Ebasco Corporation
  • Major Jeremy Gordon and Captain Joshua Wilson (2012—US Air Force)
  • Arnold Gunderson (1990—Nuclear Energy Services)
  • Christian Head (2014—US Department of Veterans Affairs)
  • Janet Howard (1990s-2000s—US Department of Commerce)
  • Richard Hubbard (1976—General Electric)
  • Cate Jenkins (2006—US Environmental Protection Agency)
  • Rosemary Johann-Liang (2006—US Food and Drug Administration
  • James Keen (2007—US Animal Research Center)
  • Courtland Kelley (2003—General Motors
  • Stephen Kim (2010—US State Department)
  • Mark Klein (2006—AT&T)
  • Stefan Kruszewski (2000s—Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare)
  • Karen Kwiatkowski (2000s—US Air Force)
  • Shamai Leibowitz (2009—FBI)
  • Richard Levernier (2005—US National Security Agency)
  • Robert MacLean (2003—US Transportation Security Administration)
  • Robert McCarthy (2008-2012—US Department of Interior and US International Boundary and Water Commission)
  • Ralph McGehee (1981—US Central Intelligence Agency)
  • Joyce Megginson (1990s-2000s—US Department of Commerce)
  • Myron Mehlman (1989-1991—Mobil Oil)
  • Gregory Minor (1976—General Electric)
  • Katherine Mitchell (2015—US Department of Veterans Affairs)
  • Samuel Morrison (1984—US Navy)
  • Joseph Nacchio (2001—Qwest)
  • James S. Pars (2015-present—US Central Intelligence Agency)
  • Frederick “Rick” Pritz (2005—Climate Change Science Program)
  • Wendell Potter (2009—Cigna Health Insurance Company)
  • Jesselyn Radack (2001—US Department of Justice)
  • Adam Resnick (2006-2013—Omnicare Pharmaceutical Company)
  • Michael Ruppert (1996—Los Angeles Police Department
  • Aldric Saucier (1992—US Strategic Defense Initiative Organization
  • Keith A. Schooley (1992—Merrill Lynch)
  • William Schumer (1989—Hughes Aircraft)
  • Diann Shipione (2002—City of San Diego)
  • Jeffrey Sterling (2011—CIA)
  • Everett Stern (2011 —HSBC Bank)
  • Thomas Tamm (2005—US Department of Justice)
  • Tanya Ward Jordan (1990s-2000s—US Department of Commerce)
  • John White (1967—US Navy)
  • J. Kirke Wiebe (2002—US National Security Agency)


1. She’s an American citizen.

2. She’s a British citizen.

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