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URL 15: Mark Hughes’ Affidavit Dated February 8, 1972

URL 15: Mark Hughes’ Affidavit Dated February 8, 1972 (In Ch 22, page 113) (501 words) (8,811 cum words)

1. I am the Director of Information and Publications at UNLV. I have occupied that position since I first came to UNLV three and one-half years ago.

2. I know Dr. Donald W. Hendon. Apparently because I am public information officer of the University, he came to see me many times to show me letters he had written concerning the Las Vegas TV stations and to tell me about tactics he was using in his attack on their operating procedures. I recall that, at that time, I was concerned that Hendon should carry out that attack as an individual rather than as a representative of the University.

3. Dan Kelley, an employee of KORK (Channel 3), did free-lance work for me in my University capacity last year. He was at my office many times.

4. My conversations with Kelley were primarily about his art work. I do not recall exactly when, but one of Kelley’s visits to my office to show me art work, I remember that the subject of Hendon came up in passing conversation. I do not recall who initiated the conversation.

5. Kelley mentioned that KORK had donated something to the University. If he did mention this, it was in the course of our general conversation and in no way threatening or coercive toward UNLV or Hendon. It was a passing comment. There is no question in my mind that Kelley was not trying to, and in fact, was in no position to, coerce anyone at UNLV.

6. While I may have mentioned my conversation with Kelley to Hendon, I could not have indicated to him in any way that Kelley was attempting to pressure UNLV to fire Hendon, because that was clearly not the case.

7. No pressure of any kind was ever put on me with respect to getting Hendon fired. I had nothing to do with Hendon’s status at the University.

8. A month or two ago, an investigator from the Federal Communications Commission came to see me in my office. He was a middle-aged man. I don’t remember his name. He asked me if KORK or any representative of KORK had attempted to use coercion on me or UNLV to have Hendon fired. He told me this was a very serious charge. I told him that there had been so such attempt to my knowledge. The FCC investigator asked me if Kelley had attempted to exert any pressure to get Hendon fired, and I answered that Kelley had not.

9. The FCC investigator took a few notes. He did not ask me to sign a written statement, and I did not. He was in my office for only three or four minutes.

10. During the entire three and one-half years I have been the public information officer of UNLV, KORK has been most co-operative to me and to UNLV.

11. Kelley is the only person from KORK or Donrey (Footnote 4) to whom I have talked about Hendon. I only talked to Kelley about Hendon once.

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