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URL 11: Rationalizing My Resignation—What I Typed in My Diary on September 15, 1971, the Day I Resigned from UNLV

New: URL 11: Rationalizing My Resignation—What I Typed in My Diary on September 15, 1971, the Day I Resigned from UNLV (in Chapter 13, page 71. 588 words. 5,344 cum words.)

Was resigning the best thing for me to do? What would have happened if I had given Hardbeck my letter of resignation like John Lowry suggested to me? Hmmmm.

For one thing, it would probably have looked bad on my record to be fired from my very first teaching job, no matter what the reasons, academic freedom or otherwise! In the academic world, your job security rests with the reputation you have with your academic counterparts at other universities, not with your own school. For if your school gives you a hard time, you can tell them to go to hell and get a job somewhere else—if you have a good academic reputation. But I’m still unknown. I have no publications in professional journals. That’s because I’m so busy finishing my Ph.D. dissertation.

I know Hardbeck is gonna fire me. And I don’t want that on my record. Domaybe I’d better take John Lowry’s advice and resign.

I’m glad I hedged my bets in my letter to Hard-ass Hardbeck, though. I’m looking at a copy of it right now as I type this. In my resignation letter, I said that one of the main reasons I resigned was the pressure put on me by some of my academic superiors at UNLV which limited my academic freedom to pursue my legitimate research interests in TV advertising. I wanted it on record that my academic freedom was abridged at UNLV, and that is why I resigned.

On the other hand, giving my letter to Hardbeck probably means I can’t sue UNLV for anything, like firing me for example. And I’ll bet the AAUP and ACLU won’t do anything for me either! What a mess!

On the other hand again, if the AAUP and ACLU took my case, they’d file an injunction against UNLV to keep them from firing me.

But I really don’t feel like fighting to stay on at UNLV and teach. It’s a really lousy place to work! A place that treats you like you’re dirt, a place that throws academic freedom in the wastebasket, a place with a lousy reputation for academic freedom. That’s not the kind of place I wanted to work for!

And why work for a place that doesn’t want you? Suppose I win my battle to stay on by using the AAUP and the ACLU? Hardbeck and UNLV will find ways to screw me. I know I wouldn’t get any raises and wouldn’t be promoted, even if I published a lot of papers. Hey, I’ll bet that when the Business School moves from Grant Hall Furthermore, we were getting ready to move from Grant Hall to the new Humanities Building, I’ll probably be assigned a broom closet as my office. at UNLV, and I would probably have been assigned a broom closet as my office. Hardbeck will screw me by giving me a bunch of 8 a.m. classes on MWF and at 12 midnight on TuTh.

And I know when I apply for tenure, they won’t give it to me. The hell with UNLV. I’m glad I’m resigning from that cesspool! It’s not an oasis in the desert. UNLV reflects the barrenness and shallowness of Las Vegas itself!

Hey, why didn’t I pull out my minority card? I’m one-fourth Mexican on my mother’s side. I’ll bet if I was a black woman named Rodriguez, Hardbeck would be afraid to do anything about me!

I’m tired. I’ll write more tomorrow. I’ll feel a lot better in the morning—at least I think I will.


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