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URL 10: My Letter to the FCC Dated September 11, 1971

URL 10: My Letter to the FCC Dated September 11, 1971 (In Ch 13, page 65. 717 words. 4,756 cum words)

Mr. Vance denies that he is putting pressure on the University to get me fired. Yet, he sends to UNLV President Roman Zorn a copy of the letter he sent to the FCC on August 28, with several innuendoes and one glaring lie. I believe this is nothing but a blatant attempt to discredit me professionally and to get me fired. The blatant lie is his allegation that I approached Channel 13 about doing research for them! That is a lie, through and through!

As a matter of fact, Mark Smith, general manager of Channel 8, asked me shortly after my study was made known sometime in May of this year if I would be interested in doing some survey work for all the three stations as a whole in light of some new ruling that made it OK for competing stations in a given market to get together to make surveys. I told Mark that I didn’t think any station would want me or trust me to do research for them, because they probably thought I was anti-business in general or anti-TV stations in particular in light of my original survey.

I also told Mark if he wanted me to do some work for Channel 8, fine, I would…but I was not going to solicit work (research ) from him or from any other TV station, except for Channel 5, which was not involved in any time-stealing practices as per my original study. I told him I had too much other work to do—finishing up typing my dissertation last May, other research in other fields, and teaching courses.

So, once more, Mr. Vance is lying. I did not ever approach him or anybody at his station about doing market research studies (and I never will), either before or after my late April / early May study was released. So, his statements on page 4, “We are unaware of why Professor Hendon has undertaken what apparently is a vendetta against KSHO-TV. He has solicited this station to retain him for research projects, and possibly our refusal has precipitated some of his correspondence,” are blatant lies, which I feel is just one more step in his organized campaign to get me fired and out of town.

The first step, you will remember, was the withholding of the TV Cameras (in John Ettinger’s June 9 to various people at the University, including the chairman of the Board of Regents. You have a copy of that letter, which also had a few lies in it, as I told you in an earlier letter.

The second big step in this organized campaign, in my opinion, is his sending his August 28 letter to President Zorn, in which he calls my academic research “irresponsible activities,” in which he lies about my soliciting Channel 13 for research purposes (which I never did), and in which he calls my survey one of “doubtful methodology and accuracy,” thus casting doubt on my professionalism and integrity.

I have no vendetta against Channel 13. All I want is to make sure that good programming practices come to Las Vegas. Channel 8 has improved, but Channel 13’s programming is one big “stealing entertainment time” operation, in my opinion. When and if Channel13 improves, I will praise them like I did Mark Smith. (Footnote: Earlier, I had written to the FCC, praising Mark Smith for stopping clipping / time stealing at Channel 8.)

If Mr. Vance’s station simply improved its programming practices rather than resorting to pressure tactics (he calls it “informing” the University of my “irresponsible activities”—I call it just plain pressure to get me fired), then not only would I be able to move on to other research in the academic field in which I am interested, but Las Vegas would not be denied all the ABC network entertainment that is due them.

As to Vance’s claim that my survey is one of “doubtful methodology and accuracy,” I can only say this—I did my study, and I feel it is reliable, valid, accurate. If Mr. Vance wants to try and prove me wrong, he can do his own survey. And I hope he does not solicit me for this project. I want to have nothing to do with any research for Channel 13.”

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